Opening doors to an IT career

Completing the Diploma of Information Technology at VU College has opened a number of new doors for Andrew Bottriell.

The Melburnian completed his diploma in 2015 at VU College – a specialist provider of higher education diplomas at VU – and has now applied to enter the second year of the Bachelor of IT at VU.

“Enrolling at VU College to do the diploma was a great move because it’s given me the option to continue on and study the bachelor degree,” Andrew says.

“The course has given me a greater understanding of the IT industry, and I particularly enjoyed learning to use command line interface because it was fun and interesting,” he says.

The Diploma of Information Technology helps students develop skills and knowledge in a range of information technology fields, enabling them to progress their qualifications and career in IT.

As part of the one-year course, students design databases, write computer programs in Python, schedule ICT development using Microsoft Project, connect databases to dynamic websites, and study towards popular IT vendor qualifications.

The course is one of three higher education diplomas offered by VU College, with successful completion of the course facilitating direct entry to the second year of relevant bachelor degrees at VU.

Based at VU’s Footscray Nicholson campus, Andrew says the inner west locale has a great vibe.

“There’s an awesome atmosphere on campus and it’s located in the world’s best city.

“Of course the coffee on campus is also great.”

Courses studied

Diploma of Information Technology