Ninja’s career leaping ahead

Ninja Warrior Australia semi-finalist and strength and conditioning coach/educator Kadeem Aarons has his sights set on an exciting future.

“I was thrilled to be selected to compete in Ninja Warrior Australia, and make it into the semi-finals in 2017 and 2018. It was a surreal experience – and a huge high being out on the course. The bridge of blades caught me out this time but I'll be back next year!

I studied Training and Assessment through TAFE (Victoria University Polytechnic), which helped enhance my skills as an educator, before I enrolled in my Exercise Science degree.

Through VU I gained the best four months of my life when I went on exchange to German Sport University in Cologne. Moving abroad to a foreign country and being in a different environment – I loved the whole experience from start to finish.

I’m now working as a strength and conditioning coach/educator with Richmond Football Club, and I plan to open the first ninja gym in Melbourne; and a complementary online training system.

To students about to embark on their own studies at VU I would say: as soon as you start uni, get out into the industry. Use the networks. Use what VU’s got.”

Courses studied