Music industry ready

Janelle McKenzie attributes her career achievements in the music industry to VU’s flexible study options and Work-integrated Learning opportunities. 

"While living in the UK, I worked in the music industry and gained insight into the various departments of a live music venue. During this time my passion thrived and I knew my best option would be to study the business aspects of the industry at university. When I returned home I enrolled in VU’s Bachelor of Business (Music Industry specialisation).

Not only has this course allowed me to gain insight and knowledge, I’ve also met students who share my passion, and teachers with a wealth of expertise. The support I’ve received from the course coordinator and career adviser, has given me so much confidence – especially at the beginning of my internship at HopeStreet Recordings in Fitzroy. This internship was the best thing about my time at VU! It gave me the chance to apply theory in a workplace environment. I can now draw on that learning experience as I enter the workforce.

VU also allowed me to fast-track my degree. I took summer school for the first two years of my course, meaning I only had one subject left in my final semester. I’m currently completing this subject while working at a music publicity company, and volunteering work at PBS Radio. Due to my internship experience, I have been able to move into these positions feeling confident and prepared."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Business (Music Industry specialisation)

Janelle McKenzie