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Multiculturalism a drawcard for Pengzhao Liu

Studying with people from all corners of the world is "the best thing" about Victoria University, according to international student Pengzhao Liu.

"VU is so multicultural – I have never seen so many different people in all my life," Pengzhao says.
I can have a class with Indians, Koreans, Europeans and so on,"
This is the best thing that VU brings to me.

Pengzhao came to VU in 2015 to study the Bachelor of Business (Accounting), after transferring from a VU Diploma of Business (Enterprise) at his home institution, Henan University, in China.

Under VU’s partnership with Henan, students can complete a two-year VU diploma (including English for Academic Purposes) at Henan University, then transfer to correlating degrees in business or information technology at VU.

Students who transfer through this pathway enrol directly into the second year of the bachelor degree at VU, and complete the degree in only two years. Alternatively, students can continue to a Henan University bachelor degree.

As VU celebrates its centenary of education in 2016, Pengzhao says he aptly chose VU because of its "rich cultural heritage".

"VU has a long history with a rich cultural heritage. Henan is also a university which has more than 100 years of history so there are many similarities between the two schools. "

Pengzhao says the opportunity to study at Henan University before transferring to VU gave him the necessary preparatory skills and confidence to enter an Australian university degree.

"The learning experience at Henan University helped me a lot to get ready for studying in Australia, and my English improved greatly during these two years.
My foreign language teacher taught me many basic principles and helped me understand how to have better cooperation with others, which I think is very important."

While Melbourne might be famed for its world-class restaurants, shopping precincts and sporting events, simplicity is the city's greatest attraction, Pengzhao says.

"There are many things I enjoy about Melbourne, but I like the clouds the best.
You can’t see any clouds in my hometown because the sky is so foggy but here, it’s so clear and beautiful.
Whenever I am stressed I look up at the clouds and I instantly feel relaxed."

Courses studied

Diploma of Business (Enterprise) at Henan University

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

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