Study at VU

Motivation meets inspired teaching

Layla Stanton landed her dream job in digital media a full semester before graduation.

I chose VU because the course flexibility meant I could fit study in around my full-time job. I also found the teachers to be intelligent, kind, and caring. The most valuable aspect of the course was the opportunity to bring my own ideas into the classroom. I was able to fulfil a brief and develop an app that I’d love to use myself. This is simply the best way to learn about technology!

During semester break, a position for Senior Digital Account Manager popped up on my LinkedIn feed. I sent the managing director a punchy email and just like that – I landed my dream job! I have immense variety in my role. I’m project manager for website builds, campaign director for social media campaigns, and marketing strategy consultant for my clients’ web launches, product launches, and events.

Since commencing my role I’ve filled a position in my team with another VU graduate. We snapped her up before she graduated too. It seems that VU is a great place to study if you want to finish your course employed!

Course studied

Layla studied single units from the Graduate Certificate in Digital Media: