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Misfortune morphs into opportunity

An unprovoked assault ended Steven Fould’s athletic career – but began his academic journey. Studying at VU gave him the knowledge and confidence he needed to start his fitness business, take on a lecturing role at Deakin University, manage two campuses for Sage Institute of Fitness, and pursue masters level study.

I used to be a combat sports athlete. I also coached martial arts for almost a decade. When an unprovoked assault ended my personal combat career, I turned my attention to coaching full time.

I was lucky enough to get some volunteer hours at the Melbourne Rebels rugby union club and fell in love with the elite environment. But I quickly learnt that to get employed at that level you need a masters qualification. And of course to get a masters, you need a bachelor degree – so I enrolled at VU in 2011.

I chose VU because of its reputation as a leader in the sport industry, and its links to sporting clubs. It’s the opportunities available outside of the course, but because of the course, that makes study at VU invaluable. During my time there I travelled to Germany on an exchange semester – it was life changing!

I’ve just completed a Masters of High Performance Sport which culminated with an internship at the University of Michigan. 2018 I will complete an Honours degree to set up a PhD in 2019 on Coach-Athlete relationships. The end goal is to keep lecturing at a university and work with elite youth athletes on their athletic preparation.

Courses studied

Bachelor of Sport Coaching (Sports Science specialisation), now offered as Bachelor of Sport Science