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Lifestyle change spurred VU studies

A change of lifestyle – and learning environment – were the main motivators that brought international student Jing Fang to Victoria University.

Jing Fang

"I wanted to change my learning environment and experience a totally different life,” the Chinese-born business student says.

"These are the most important reasons why I chose to come to VU and Australia," she says.

Jing studied a two-year VU diploma at Henan University before transferring to the second year of the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at VU in July 2015.

Under VU’s partnership with Henan, students can complete a two-year VU diploma (including English for Academic Purposes) at Henan University, then transfer to correlating degrees in business or information technology at VU.

Students who transfer through this pathway enrol directly into the second year of the bachelor degree at VU, and complete the degree in only two years. Alternatively, students can continue to a Henan University bachelor degree.

"The opportunity to study at Henan and VU has been perfect for me because I’ve been able to experience college life in both China and Australia, as well as the different learning styles in China and abroad.

Henan University really helped me to prepare for studying in an Australian university because it taught me how to use initiative in my studies.

In Australia, initiative is essential because there is no one forcing you to learn.

Here, I need to solve many learning problems alone, search for information in the library and book a study room.

There is no-one preparing everything for me like in high school so initiative is very, very important.

Thanks to Henan University, I know how to study actively."

Among VU’s many features, Jing says the best thing about VU is the library.

"There are lots of study rooms and I can borrow many books that I cannot find in Henan University’s library.

I can stay in the library all day because the view from the window makes me calm, the coffee is really good and the atmosphere is ideal for learning."

When she’s not in the library, Jing says she loves visiting Bourke St Mall – but not for the shopping.

"I like the street performers more than the cosmetics; I like the food and coffee more than the dresses; and I like the artistic breath everywhere around Bourke St – it’s such a lively place."

Courses studied

  • Diploma of Business (Enterprise)
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Both of these courses are now offered as Bachelor of Business with a major.