Leading paramedicine in the UAE

After graduating from VU as a paramedic, Ahmed Saleh Alhajeri returned home to found the leading ambulance service company in the UAE.

"When I was younger I had a personal experience which made me understand the importance of pre-hospital care.  This led me to want to contribute to the quality of care in my country, the United Arab Emirates. 

I chose to study paramedic science at VU because a friend of mine was a recent graduate and highly recommended the program. I was also familiar with the long education history associated with Victoria University and was interested in pursuing my training in the rich cultural scene of Melbourne.

In addition to regular access to practical training through my course, I was offered a placement opportunity that provided me with an exceptional learning experience and helped me sharpen my skills in the paramedic field.

After graduation I was promoted to a management role in the of Abu Dhabi police ambulance services and contributed to the establishment of an Ambulance Company based on a Private Public Partnership model. I have been the Deputy CEO for five years and seen the company grow to become the leading ambulance service company in the UAE, delivering services to over 1.6 billion people.

Overall, the VU atmosphere comprised of supportive tutors, qualified professors and a vibrant student body who provided me with an exceptional environment that helped me thrive both academically and personally."

Course studied

Bachelor of Paramedicine (previously known as the Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic).

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Ahmed Alhejari