Jason Cunningham

Founding partner of his own financial solutions business; Jason is now proudly hiring VU graduates.

"When my high school accounting teacher told my mother, 'Jason won't reach his potential until university', she couldn't have realised the significance of her prediction.

I got my degree at VU with distinction and won the student of the year award in my final year. The lecturers had a profound impact on me and the interactive learning helped me come out of my shell. My co-op year at Ford was also invaluable. The experience helped secure my placement in their graduate program.

At 24, I decided with a mate – who I went through school and university with – to start our own business.We now give back to the VU community by employing VU graduates and co-op students.

VU graduates are special as they have a desire to seek continuous professional development. They bring ideas to an organisation. They're flexible and adaptable and have a great ability to deal with change, which makes them valuable to any business."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

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