Study at VU

Improving skin health, one face at a time

A passion to improve the skin health and quality of life of others has led Regina to pursue a career in dermal therapies.

"I was attracted to studying dermal therapies in the hope to learn, improve and sharpen my knowledge in advanced beauty/dermal therapy treatments. I have always had a passion for skin care as I have had trouble with my own skin and have always wondered how to improve its general health and appearance.
"My decision to study at VU was heavily influenced by the course structure of the Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies), which I found to be unique as it is the only English-speaking tertiary course that offers dermal therapy at a degree level.
"As I come from a developing country, being able to experience a large international university community has been very rewarding. A wide range of experts are provided to teach the course who, along with the excellent equipment and facilities, have contributed greatly to my success.
"The experiences I’ve received through placements have given me the insight into how a clinic should safely and effectively operate, how to manage problems, and how dermal clinicians can work hand-in-hand with other professionals in a patient-centered approach.
"I am planning to work in the skin clinic alongside doctors in West Surabaya, Indonesia. However, my long-term goal is to one day open my own medical-spa(s). I also hope that I will be able to use my knowledge and skills that I have learned at VU to not only improve people’s skin health but also improve their quality of life."

Courses studied:

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies)