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How VU helped Stefanie find her career calling

Since finding her true passion in human nutrition at VU, Stefanie Riccardi is on the way to achieving her career goals thanks to practical learning experience in labs and overseas.

After completing high school, I knew that I was interested in health but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I completed an Advanced Diploma in the area of Public Relations and worked in PR for a year. During that time I had some family experiences with cancer which motivated me to consider careers where I could help people and make an impact. This led me to VU’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science and my passion for nutritional biochemistry. I transferred into the course that offered human nutrition as a major to pursue my aspiration to become a dietitian.

I loved the practical aspect of VU’s courses. It really prepared me for work in the health and nutrition industry. During my final semester, I travelled to India on a study tour and was fully immersed in Indian food culture. We focused on maternal and early childhood health, and collected data regarding the nutritional status of Indian tribe sub-populations and their food intake. The entire experience has given me an advantage in liaising with health professionals, as well an understanding of the diverse needs and goals of a different country and culture. It was an opportunity that I learnt so much from.

I am currently employed at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in a research role. I was chosen for this position due to my education and experience in a lab which VU had provided. I am also completing a Master of Dietetics and hope to work as a community or clinical dietitian in the future.

Want to find similar success? Here are the courses Stefanie studied:

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Bachelor of Applied Science, now replaced with:

Bachelor of Human Nutrition