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How Nikki became a life-saving CEO

VU Paramedicine graduate, Nikki Jurcutz, is co-founder and CEO of Hero Headquarters, an organisation that provides vital first aid training to school students and workplaces. Nikki and sister Rachael’s Tiny Hearts First Aid initiative has offered free paediatric first aid training to thousands of parents across Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

“From my first day in paramedics at VU, I was presented with opportunities to network with industry professionals because the majority of our lecturers were experts in the field.

While the study on campus was valuable, it was when I began my placements that I really started to see the direct link between what I was learning in class and what was required to be a paramedic. Placements were outstanding preparation.

I started working on the road as a paramedic a year before I graduated, which led to my career as a paramedic for five years with Ambulance Victoria and helped me discover the passion I now have for my work.

I saw the need for workplace and community first aid training, so, together with my sister Rachael Waia, founded our training organisations Hero Headquarters, and Tiny Hearts First Aid. We now offer nationally accredited first aid courses for individuals and organisations in six states and online. I’m proud to give people the knowledge and confidence to act in an emergency.”

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