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Holden the fundamentals for success

With the support and guidance of VU, Blake Dutta has forged himself a place alongside GM Holden’s senior leadership team.

“VU aided my career goals. I initially enrolled at VU studying engineering, but I turned to the University’s student support services for mentorship and was able to identify my strengths and career aspirations, which led me to enrol in Business.

At the end of my first year I was successful in landing a co-op role at GM Holden. Throughout my employment, Holden has provided the opportunity to build a solid infrastructure for career growth, teaching me the fundamentals needed to operate within the business world, and further educating me beyond what a degree can offer.

Realising the possibilities at Holden, I decided to stay on for another year working alongside Holden’s Managing Director and Senior Leadership Team as a second year co-operative student.

The best thing about VU is the support it provides its students outside the classroom. The University provides the support each student needs to succeed and win.”

Course studied

Bachelor of Business (Supply Chain and Logistics Management major)