Hitting all the right notes

Catherine Meeson returned to study as a mature-age student and single parent. She studied music and performance before taking on an honours year for which she received the University Best Arts Honours Award. She has also released three self-produced solo albums and recently starred in her first major solo play.

"I came from a disadvantaged background, but VU gave me a go and the chance to work with what was innate. With the support of the staff I was able to develop my confidence and connect with others, as well as pursue invaluable research opportunities for my musical/creative arts interests.

I first enrolled in a Diploma of Music Performance, which became an Advanced Diploma and helped me bridge into Bachelor of Creative Industries. Music and performance were my majors. Performance art was an unexpected but revolutionary addition to my creative palette, and it has transformed my arts practice.

The best thing about my time at VU was developing technical competency and proper vocal technique under the guidance of fantastic tutors. I also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with younger generations, access to the recording studio, Neumann microphones, and the library.

Right now I’m active in teaching music and drama in the community, and have been involved in a preventative mental health program called Festival for Healthy Living for the past three years. I have just started writing a book and have two websites to manage. Oh and there’s the crazy contemplation of a PhD too!"

Courses studied

Diploma of Music Performance

Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (previously Advanced Diploma of Music)

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Catherine Meeson