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From placement to full-time position

Architectural engineering graduate Dustin Lam used VU’s industry connections to jumpstart an international career.  

"The best thing about studying at VU was the practical experience I gained through industry-based learning. For three months I worked at a consulting firm and wrote a report on my tasks and learnings. As a result, I was offered a part-time job while still finishing my course and then full-time work once I graduated.

VU taught me how to translate the knowledge from my course into practical uses for industry. I was able to go on a trip to Canberra to tour the inner workings of Parliament House and see how the facilities management team maintains the building. At the time, VU’s was the only course which catered toward building structures whilst also teaching building services.

I’ve been lucky so far to work on some award-winning projects like the Melbourne Recital Centre and Melbourne Theatre Company Theatre. I’ve also been able to contribute to the Melbourne skyline with my work on the Fulton Lane apartments. I’m now working in Hong Kong on a major infrastructure project as the Hong Kong Manager at Robert Bird Group."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering)

Dustin Lam