Degree ready

Tom Davy moved seamlessly from a one-year diploma to the second year of a degree.

"My ATAR score wasn't high enough to get me straight into a degree, but Victoria University's Dip. into Degree program gave me a great start.

Doing the first year as a diploma prepared me 100% for a degree because it built up my knowledge and study techniques. Having more access to teachers and extra help with my academic skills really kept me on track. The smaller classes were better than sitting in huge lecture theatres.

Completing my first year in a supportive environment made the transition into the second-year of a bachelors business degree a lot easier.

As an aspiring musician, I decided to specialise in music industry and marketing, so I can put my skills and knowledge into something I love.

Uni has been great so far, I'm really enjoying my classes."

Courses studied

Diploma of Business (Enterprise), 2013

Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Music Industry), current

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