Data star

Andrew Hinton's IT pathway led him to a dream career in cyber security threat hunting and discovery, with Telstra Corporations Ltd.

"By taking a pathway from vocational education into higher education I was able to get credit and fast-track my degree. VU courses made me workforce ready.

I was hired by VU under their Students as Staff program, which gave me great exposure to the industry before I graduated.

Cyber security has such a major impact on every aspect of a business and their consumers. It plays an important role in securing so many facets of critical industries – from healthcare (e.g. wireless pacemakers), to travel (e.g. avionics), or to banking (e.g. online banking).

I have been able to apply everything I learnt at VU in my previous and current roles at Telstra - from networking to infrastructure engineering and cyber security. The vendor technologies taught at VU are industry current, and the exposure gave me a great head start.”

Courses studied

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