Counselling kids in trauma

Rachael Pocock gained entry to a Master of Counselling through VU’s alternative entry options and is now working towards her goal of helping children in trauma.

"The university I first attended didn’t provide alternative options for entry into masters in psychological sciences and, unfortunately, I didn’t have the marks to continue. Victoria University, however, provided me with pathways to a similar degree. They didn’t discriminate based on my grades, but rather assessed my application based experience I had gained outside of university.

During my Master of Counselling, I completed a placement in a primary school, running individual and group counselling sessions. I completed 400 hours there, instead of the required 250 hours, because my supervisor offered me the opportunity to attend an extra day per week. This provided me with practical experience as a counsellor and guided me to the area I wanted to work in. I walked out with a specific goal to work with children experiencing trauma, and a wish to help prevent or reduce the risk of children experiencing traumatic events.

I have been working in a specialised family violence service for women and children for six months now. I was offered the job a short time after finishing my masters. Never in a million years did I think I would be one to say “I have a masters degree!” But it was the best thing I ever did, and I feel I have been set up for success."

Courses studied

Master of Counselling

Rachael Pocock