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Combining business with pleasure

After suffering a major health scare, Vincent Seet left his lecturing job to pursue a career in art. The skills he developed while studying Master of Business Administration at VU helped him fulfill his childhood dream of combining his love for art with charity.

"The best thing about VU is the homely environment created by the staff. I remember the way I was greeted upon my return to the university after having suffered my strokes. I felt like everyone was saying ‘welcome home’ – and it is this support that inspired me to keep pursuing my new career. In fact one of my greatest achievements is proceeding with my career change despite having suffered two strokes.

The MBA I completed at VU provided me with the survival skills I needed to function in the real world and successfully organise both my art exhibitions and charity projects. The sound, practical advice given to me by the academic staff gave me great confidence in pursuing my goals. I have since published two books and exhibited my art at The Art House in Singapore, Himachal Pradash in India, and The National Museum of Singapore – which I consider to be my second greatest career achievement. I’ve even experienced the honour of having Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong name one of my paintings.

In the future, I plan to continue to use proceeds from my book launches and my paintings to support and fund charity projects in needy countries like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Singapore. At the same time, I hope to motivate others who, like myself, have encountered hardship, to pursue their dreams. I’m working with local community centres in Singapore to make my dreams a reality. I also plan to work with international universities, schools, and social organisations to make my dreams go global."

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Master of Business Administration

Vincent Seet