Capitalising on her studies

After first studying education, Jessica Pond returned to university at VU and landed her “dream job”.

When I finished high school I went straight into a teaching degree, which wasn’t quite right for me. I was too young to truly know what I wanted to do. I then spent a few years travelling before starting at VU.

My university experience set me up for success by bringing business and psychology together, which are both such important parts of my role in human capital consulting today. I enjoyed my studies and my time at VU helped me to determine that I would like to work in consulting.

After graduating I worked as trainee development manager for the one of the global top tier law firms – Freshfields – at their headquarters in London.

I’m now working in what was my “dream job” throughout university – as a manager in human capital consulting for Deloitte. My focus is on driving business transformation through people, specifically in the areas of strategic change and training solutions.

Courses studied

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Psychology, see Bachelor of Psychological Studies/Bachelor of Business