Analysing her success

Jelvie Grech is improving her ERP knowledge through the masters program at VU.

"I decided to pursue postgraduate studies as part of my professional development as a business analyst at Linfox. The Linfox College suggested VU’s masters program because of the SAP component. Linfox uses SAP for their enterprise system, so it was an easy decision.

I value what I’m studying more than ever because I have my own experience to bring into the program. The lecturers work in industry and have the expertise and networks that are so important.

Subjects such as ERP Systems Implementations and Organisation Change Management allow me to see the bigger picture.

I’ve been a part of the SAP community network and SAP Innojam, a two day workshop collaborating with other professionals on SAP technologies.

Now I’m able to apply what I’ve learnt to projects at work."

Courses studied

Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), 2013

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