Aiming for change

Sara Graham, a ‘quiet achiever’, chose a career close to her heart.

"After working overseas and completing a degree in Anthropology, I was looking for something fulfilling and stimulating that would benefit my community. 

Community Development seemed to tick the boxes. It let me use my intellect in a way that’s aligned with my sense of social justice.

I chose VU because unlike other universities, it focused more on the community and less on development studies, which aligns with my personal values. I also loved the diverse range of students and their rich life experiences.

I worked at the international AIDS conference in 2014 as part of my course. It was an amazing opportunity to put my skills into practice and dramatically increased my confidence.

I’m a single mum and VU gave me a solid foundation. A mix of hard work and serendipity led to my current career as an international project manager."

Courses studied

Master of International Community Development

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