Study at VU

A practical engineering education

Gulcin Sahin finds that skills gained while studying at VU continue to help her today in her role as a director of engineering.  

"The knowledge and experience I gained at VU is the sole reason where I am now, working as the director of electrical engineering with Famer Group of Companies in Turkey.

The comprehensive teachings enabled me to develop a conscientious way of thinking and VU’s multicultural environment helped me develop a great sense of community and cultural competence.

VU made sure that the studies undertaken were not only theoretical. I also gained much practical experience and there were a lot of hands-on projects. Learning from professional engineers who were actually involved in the design of real projects most definitely made the learning a lot more valuable to me.

I also developed great communication skills at VU which are of utmost importance for me on a day-to-day basis. I am responsible for managing all electrical projects in the firm as well as a design team which involves lots of customer liaison and internal communication. I’ve realised since graduating just how much VU prepared me for real engineering challenges."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural Engineering)

Gulcin Sahin