A most employable student

Commencing tertiary study seven years after finishing high school, Sally-Anne Young went on to be named one of Australia’s most employable students.

“I was nervous starting my degree as I hadn’t studied since leaving school seven years earlier. However, it quickly became a very positive experience for me. I chose Victoria University because I knew it was known for hands-on learning and lecturers who actually work in the industries in which they teach. Their willingness to spend extra time working with me on topics I found difficult definitely enhanced my learning experience.

During my final year of study I completed a 10-month internship at Coles, working with the Supply Chain team. In this position I found the skills taught to me at Victoria University vital in achieving success.

Receiving a top 5 position in the ‘GradConnection Top100 Awards’, which recognises the most employable graduates across Australia, was, as they say, ‘the icing on the cake’. Working with teams during the judging process was another excellent opportunity to utilise my university studies.

When I reflect on my time at Victoria University, I feel that I have gained skills and knowledge to lay the foundation for a fruitful and exciting career in business.”

Course studied

Bachelor of Business (Supply Chain and Logistics Management)

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Awards received

Most Employable Business Student – GradConnection Top100 Awards