A life experience

Bachelor of Arts (Sports Administration); Bachelor of Business (Management)

Workplace learning: AFL Northern Territory

"Going to the AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) was my dream placement. I wanted more than a working experience, I wanted a life experience. I applied for AFLNT because I've always been interested in AFL game development.

I was in the Northern Territory for a little over four weeks and my role was really hands-on. I was mostly involved with the game development department and did lots of work visiting schools and setting up football clinics, carnivals and programs.

The AFLNT is not just about teaching footy. It's about teaching life skills to kids using footy as a way to help kids. We did some work in Oenpelli, a remote community in Kakadu, which was a great experience. It gave me a different perspective on life and made me really grateful for the opportunities I've had – like even just the chance to go to school.

The best part about my course was doing the placements. It helps you to realise the value of what you're learning. You get to practice the skills you learn at uni such as how to build and maintain relationships and you can talk to people in the industry and benefit from their advice.

The contacts I made and the skills I picked up at the AFLNT definitely helped me to get my job. I am working at the Blue Earth Foundation, visiting primary schools and using sport and recreation as a means to help kids improve their social, academic, emotional and behavioural skills. I've really found my niche with this role."

Course studied

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