Working for women

Author of Menopause for Dummies, Lily Stojanovska, is a passionate lecturer in Biomedical and Clinical Science at VU.

"I started teaching at Victoria University about 16 years ago at the level of senior tutor, became a lecturer, senior lecturer and now I'm the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science.

I was one of 22 women placed on the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, and this was an achievement in the area of educating women and helping in the community. The University is a place for individual and independent minds to grow, and without it there is no way I would have been able to achieve what I did.

I see my success as collaboration between two parties - my own ideas, enthusiasm and hard work, matched with the facilities provided by the University; resources, support, moral support, and being able to present my ideas to national and international conferences.

I recommend Victoria University for its innovation, caring, learning pathways, collaboration and involvement in the community that makes it so unique. I find VU a very innovative and caring place."

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Professor Lily Stojanovska

Lily Stojanovska