Recognition for research

Researcher and lecturer Dr Elizabeth Verghese is changing lives of those around her through her research.

"Winning the BASF Science and Technology prize at the Victorian Young Achiever Awards has meant so much in my profession as a teacher and a researcher.

I didn't set out to win any awards, but the recognition will definitely allow me to continue my research into renal cancer and the use of cilium in muscle repair to benefit the people who need it most.

I love teaching more than anything and the award just validates my decision to join Victoria University. My students inspire me with their stories and give me a reason to get out of bed every morning.

One reason I wanted to join VU was its unique position to affect change in a low socio- economic region through education.

There is no point if you don't love what you do. I'm grateful that I can both teach and do research at VU, especially when I was told early in my career that I couldn't do both and be successful."


Researcher and lecturer in Biomedical Sciences


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Dr Elizabeth Verghese