Poetry in numbers

Award-winning writer Tom Petsinis uses his creativity to inspire students in mathematics and statistics at VU.

“With my love of literature and writing on one hand, and mathematics on the other, I could have followed one or the other exclusively. But over the years I have managed to accommodate both and found ways of building bridges between the humanities and the sciences.

Humanising mathematics through literature often makes the subject more accessible to students. I am heartened when a poem or story arouses in students an interest in mathematics.

I’ve been at VU for 25 years because I enjoy the diverse backgrounds of our students and my role in supporting them on their journey toward a degree.”

Although his extensive studies and role at VU are grounded in maths and science, Petsinis’ renowned literary works include plays, poetry and novels; with mathematics a recurring theme. His most recent novel, Quaternia explores the dark and addictive realm of online gaming. It uses playful mathematical interludes to draw the reader deeper into the online world.

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