From TESOL student to teacher

Jungsook Dempster gained a practical education in TESOL at VU and now is on staff, teaching English as an additional language. 

"I am from South Korea and I came to Australia in 2005. I’d heard that VU TESOL courses were good from people in the industry and when I was looking for course information, VU’s course coordinator was the first to reply to me. She helped me with enrolment and set me on the right path.

The best thing about the course was the mentoring program and practical placement. It was not only valuable because of the opportunity of networking but also because it exposed me to the reality of the industry.

If I hadn’t participated in the mentoring program, I also wouldn’t have had the opportunity to obtain my current job. I am currently teaching English as additional language at Victoria Polytechnic and looking forward to finishing my Master of TESOL as soon as possible."

Courses studied

Graduate Diploma in TESOL (no longer offered)

Master of TESOL

Jungsook Dempster