Study at VU

Skills for the clinic & beyond

After graduating from VU, Theresa Marasco found employment in a range of different workplaces before setting up a private practice of her own.

The training I received at VU was rigorous, so I felt prepared, competent and confident when it came time to start work as a clinical psychologist. I also developed resilience and a ‘never give up attitude’ towards following my passion. I learnt life skills beyond my expectations.

I completed four placements as part of my studies, which enabled me to grow professionally and find career direction. I made many professional contacts and developed positive relationships with each of my supervisors. These contacts became references for subsequent employment opportunities.

VU teachers were supportive, encouraging, and highly knowledgeable. Experts in the field trained me in psychodynamic theories and cognitive behavioural therapy intervention. This has been extremely advantageous for my career.

In recent years I completed further studies in clinical hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming. I’m currently running my own practice and plan to continue to grow my business, as well as expand my professional skills.

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