Paying it forward

From gaining the confidence needed to study to running her own migration law practice, Maryanne Issa is now helping people achieve their dreams.

"There was a fire in me from the beginning that never went out. I had a vision to study migration law, as I was passionate about helping people. I just didn’t have the confidence or the background.

To gain entry into my course, I undertook a two day program in professional content. When I passed that I knew that I could overcome any obstacle.

I find VU to be an understanding, close-knit, approachable environment. They taught me everything from how to submit assignments, to high-level legal vocabulary.

In the second year of the degree I became critically unwell and I almost gave up – but my lecturers, my husband and VU’s support services helped me get through it. In my last exam I got 100%.

I started my business MI Migration as soon as I became registered, and through word-of-mouth and referrals it has blossomed. I specialise in high-risk, complex cases.

A lot of the people I work with are so fragile and have lost hope. But I never give up and I never lose hope.

There is no greater feeling than calling a client and telling them their visa has been granted.”

Course studied

Graduate diploma in migration law