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Thi Hang Tat
My course offered me hands-on experience and networking job opportunities, and I even found work in the field before I completed my masters.

Thi Hang Tat
Master of Enterprise Resource Planning

Thi Hang Tat shares how upskilling with postgraduate studies at Victoria University (VU) led to an exciting new career chapter in enterprise resource planning (ERP).

“Back in Vietnam, I worked as a store manager. I used a lot of analytics to manage sales, staff performance and customer behaviour, but I did it in a manual way.

“I realised that enterprise resource planning systems provide a more effective way to manage day-to-day business processes and activities like accounting, human resources and so on.

“I have some family and friends who also studied at VU, so when I found out that VU offered the Master of Enterprise Resource Planning I became very excited.”

A diverse & supportive learning community

“My first impressions at VU were absolutely amazing, and I’m definitely happy about my decision to study here.

“Studying in the centre of Melbourne at VU’s City campus gave me the opportunity to experience new places and enjoy the multicultural society. I was able to make friends and meet a lot of professionals and experts in many different sectors.

“VU provides great student support, especially for international students. For example, I got assistance on planning my course structure, which helped me balance my study, work and personal life.”

Thi Hang Tat

Industry experience & connections

“I would definitely recommend VU because it offers industry-relevant courses. My course offered me hands-on experience and networking job opportunities.

My unit coordinator encouraged me to take an internship with one of VU's industry partners, where I could get practical work experience and develop my soft skills, including negotiation and communication skills.

"I even found work in the field before I completed my masters.”

Building a rewarding career in business analytics 

“I am now working as a SAP Academic Competency Support Officer within the IT team at VU, where I use the ERP systems I studied in my course. 

“My current position allows me to work with various stakeholders in the Asia Pacific Japan region and work closely with other team members. I love working with people from around the world, and I love teamwork because we support each other all the time.

“I'm very happy because I can develop my soft skills, technical skills and knowledge to become an experienced ICT business analyst.”

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