Love at first practice

VU offers the flexibility to choose a diverse curriculum or a specialised area of law, so I geared my studies towards migration law. It was love at first practice.

Arnab Ghosh Roy
Graduate Diploma in Migration Law, Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)

A natural advocate already working in a migration law practice, Arnab decided to pursue the Graduate Diploma in Migration Law at VU. Having graduated from this course, Arnab is now completing a Bachelor of Laws at VU, while continuing to work as a migration law assistant.

After graduating from a Master of Business I was working as a manager for Coles Group. After several months in this role, I decided to follow my passion: to help other migrants navigate the complex area of migration. I started working as a migration law assistant, which I enjoyed because I was working with amazing people – both colleagues and clients. I gained satisfaction from helping people by filling out forms (unusual I know, but filling out forms has been a hobby of mine since childhood).

My principal partner encouraged me to consider studying law, so that I could become an immigration lawyer. He thought I was a good fit for this growing, under-serviced area of the law.

It’s great to study right in the middle of Melbourne’s legal precinct, in such a challenging, supportive and social atmosphere.

Early on in my course, I created an online study group that connects migration law students and alumni from a wide range of universities with industry, both in Australia and abroad. Creating this group further fuelled my motivation in the law.

I’m now progressing with my law degree, so I will be able to advise not only on immigration matters but also appear in court and advise on adjacent legal issues, like employment, family and criminal matters. The University recognises prior studies, so I will finish my degree sooner with the Graduate Entry Laws program. The VU Block Model’s single-unit timetable allows me to work while I study.

I’m proud to be a legal practitioner in a country where Indigenous laws are being granted more recognition, and in a judicial system that is based on fact rather than faith. I still fill out forms, but there’s a much more complex strategy involved now!

Arnab's migration law studies

Graduate Diploma in Migration Law
Bachelor of Laws