Lending a legal hand

Gregory Buchhorn is using his Law/Arts degree to help those who need it most.

"I always wanted to be a lawyer, and VU came highly recommended by my school careers adviser. I went along to uni Open Days and was really impressed by VU's City Queen Campus in particular.

The Arts component of the double degree is a real advantage. It makes you think critically and opens you up to lateral thinking. That really helped with my studies, and now that I'm in the workforce I know how to think outside the box.

My VU work placements were invaluable. I volunteered at Sunshine Youth Legal Centre and other community legal centres. Then I volunteered with Victoria Legal Aid, which helped me get my full-time job there.

My work at Victoria Legal Aid encompasses case work and meeting and advocating for people from all walks of life. I feel like I'm making a real difference."

Course studied

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

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