Korean student Jeongun Mun excels in English

Jeongun Mun.
When I first started, I couldn't speak any English so I studied carefully and hard. I take great pride in VU English and my studies.

Jeongun Mun (Korea)
IELTS preparation

Victoria University (VU) English is helping Korean student Jeongun prepare for success in his future studies.

He shares his story in both English and Korean.

Hello, my name is Jeongun Mun, and I’m a Korean student. I'm 19 years old and came to Australia right after graduating from high school.

When I first started studying English, I couldn't really say a word and it was hard to make friends. However, after I started studying at VU English, my English skills improved a lot and I made friends from various cultures.

There are many different teaching methods and teachers. I think it is the best language school in Melbourne. So I take great pride in VU English and my studies. And now I am planning to enter my degree in sports management at Victoria University.

안녕하세요. 한국인 학생 문정운 입니다. 19살이고 고등학교 졸업 하자마자 바로 호주로 왔습니다. 처음 영어공부 시작할 때는 정말 한마디도 못하고 친구도 사귀지 못했습니다. 그런데 VUE 에서 공부를 시작하고 영어실력도 많이 늘고 다양한 문화권의 친구들도 생겼습니다. 여러 가지의 수업 방식과 선생님들은 멜번에 있는 어떤 랭귀지스쿨 보다 최고라고 생각 합니다. 그래서 VUE 라는 자긍심을 갔고 공부하고 있습니다. 그리고 지금은 본과에 입학하기 위해 공부하고 있습니다.

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