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Employer: Thalia Abramzon, HR Business Partner – Intrax Consulting Engineers.

“At Intrax, we’ve been hiring VU graduates for over 10 years. In fact, the founders of Intrax are all Victoria University graduates so we think very highly of them.

VU graduates tend to be job-ready from day one. VU promotes key learnings that are aligned with what we look for. The university’s cooperative program values real-world industry experience, meaning the majority of applications we get from VU students have the edge of some professional experience.

Last year we had over 700 applications for the graduate program. Anyone with industry experience will always stand out.

The majority of our hires here fall in the engineering, and geotechnical space. But we do also hire surveyors, field technicians, and other graduates in business support functions such as admin, finance, IT and marketing.

We like VU graduates because they bring fresh ideas, good team work skills, and great theory-based knowledge from university work.”

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