Ideas into reality

Inventor David Kay is helping researchers bring their own inventions to life.

"As an Innovation and IP Development and Commercialisation Manager at VU, I'm responsible for turning researcher's inventions into business enterprises – from evaluating the market value proposition of the research to protecting the invention through trademarks and patents and working with industry partners.

I studied technology design, law and business at university so I wanted to pursue a career where I could put the creative and practical skills I developed to good use.

Innovation is difficult in business so protecting ideas is really important to me. I'm fortunate that I get to work with inventors across the whole University from sport, engineering, science and the environment to drive ideas right through to market.

I love creating what doesn't exist. My latest invention, the S2B Smart Shower, is a walk-in shower that easily and conveniently converts into a bath instead of the traditional shower and bath concepts that take up space and get in the way. It's ideal for apartments, hotels and aged-care homes where space and usability are an issue.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, I can put myself in the shoes of the researcher, the University and the industry."

David Kay