How Zenab made youth work her mission

Zenab Tewolde
To anyone considering VU, I say go for it! The professional placements helped me build up skills in the field. And I got to attend a UN leadership symposium in Thailand.

Zenab Tewolde
Bachelor of Youth Work

2018 Valedictorian Zenab Tewolde built up her skills and confidence through work placements and an overseas study tour, leading to her dream job at Melbourne City Mission.

“I initally chose VU to do my Youth Work degree for its multiculturalism and because I was an inner-west local, but I soon discovered it’s amazing! To anyone considering VU, I say go for it. The compulsory professional placements helped me put my knowledge into practice and build up skills in the field – particularly building a rapport with clients and colleagues. I also learnt so much from the VU teachers who had a lot of industry experience.

I got to attend a UN leadership symposium in Thailand, which opened a lot of new opportunities and connections for me.

Getting a job in my field at Melbourne City Mission – as an initial assessment and planning worker – straight after completing my degree is my greatest career achievement to date.

I migrated to Australia when I was 11 from Ethiopia, and my family here and in my home country are my inspiration for all I do and aspire to be.

Sometimes I think I would like to get into policy-making, and other times I want to embark on international humanitarian work. But one thing I am sure about is once I complete my masters I want to undertake a PhD.

My other goal in life is to visit every country in Africa – all 54 of them!”