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Engineering a career in building services

Graduate engineer, Gokul Mani, has found that employers value the practical, industry experience offered at VU.

"I studied Architectural Engineering and now work as a graduate building services engineer. VU helped me get to where I am today by providing me with a lot of practical experience – something that is unique in the industry.

VU brought in a lot of real life engineers, building practitioners and leading technologists to run sessions with us on how the industry works and the kinds of skills employers are looking for. They told us what we could do as students to develop those skills.

VU helped me develop personally and professionally in ways I couldn't even imagine before I enrolled, and VU helped me find the job I wanted. Graduates usually only have text book knowledge and this is not something that employers want – they want to see practical knowledge. This is what impresses them."

Course studied

Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering)

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Gokul Mani