VU work ethic

Employer: Robert Hadded, CEO, The Practice

Robert Hadded is an alumnus who now hires VU graduates because of their strong work ethic.

"VU helped breed in us a work ethic that we bring into our business success today.

It is this same work ethic that we see in VU graduates today, and as such, we have been employing VU graduates since 2002. I’ve found them to be hardworking individuals with a hunger to learn.

My lecturers taught me more than just the discipline of business and accounting. I learnt to think independently, take pride in my study and bring the best to whatever I do – traits that all VU graduates I’ve employed possess.

It's great to be in a position today where we can offer VU students work experience in our business. The Graduate Program at The Practice is available for current students and graduates. From day one employees have responsibility and are encouraged to set ambitious goals for their career.

Those looking to find employment need to be clear about their objectives and prove that they’ve applied themselves at uni."

Industry snapshot

Australia has one of the largest and most highly developed markets for financial services in the Asia Pacific region and Victoria is a key financial and business centre in this market – accounting for around one third of the Australian finance and insurance industry. (Business Victoria)


As part of VU’s commitment to Business Integrated Learning, students are encouraged to secure industry-based experience with assistance from VU staff.

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