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The benefits of business integrated learning

Pamela Richards, National Conference Manager at Speech Pathology Australia, is a long-time supporter of VU’s workplace learning initiatives.

"I first started taking VU students for placements back in 1995 in a previous position. Each year I advertise for a VU student enrolled in an event management course to come and work with me for the four months leading up to our annual national conference. They learn from the process and have the hands-on experience of working with an Association and a conference committee to put a conference together from start to finish.

As part of the VU Business Integrated Learning program, students are required to complete 150 hours of work experience.  I find, at this time of their studies, the student is wanting practical experience to match to their theory and is eager to learn and work with me. It is always a positive experience for both of us.

My advice to students considering VU is that the University can provide great opportunities for you with your studies."

Industry snapshot

Melbourne is the ‘events capital of Australia’, hosting over 8,000 events each year and contributing A$2.4 billion to the local economy. A recovering global economy is helping to drive strong growth for the events industry worldwide (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) .

The tourism and events industry is one of Australia’s largest employers with the demand for conference and event organisers expected to grow strongly in the next five years (Job Outlook).

What you can do

Bachelor of Business (majors in Event Management or International Tourism Management).

Graduate success story

Kendal Fisher  gained hands-on experience in events management at Disney World Resorts, Florida.

Pamela Richards