Teacher to employer

Employer: Rosemarie Tomolo, Principal Owner and Osteopath, North Western Osteopathic Clinic

VU lecturer and clinical educator Rosemarie Tomolo holds her students in high regard.

"I have employed VU graduates at North Western Osteopathic Clinic since 2009 and have found them to be dedicated, competent and inspired individuals.

As osteopaths working in a multi-disciplinary clinic we need to be dynamic, happy and co-operative people to become an integral part of the team, and VU graduates always fit this criteria.

VU provides its graduates with the confidence, skills and specialist knowledge to develop over the five-year course. They learn key skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative, planning and organisation, self-management, learning, and technology – the eight most highly valued skills by an employer.

As part of the VU student clinic, students from the Masters program are required to attend clinical sessions on a rotation basis. Being a clinical educator I can see how this real-world experience positively impacts them."

Industry snapshot

Osteopathy is not an alternative health option – osteopaths are university-trained, government registered, allied health professionals. Currently an osteopath undertakes a five-year university degree to achieve registration in Australia (Osteopathy Australia).


Osteopaths help identify the cause of pain or injury and develop a safe, effective course of action to manage it. Osteopaths also treat patients with asthma, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, tennis elbow, whip lash and more (Osteopathy Australia).

What you can do

Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)

Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Graduate success story

Osteopathy graduate Ed Wittich’s career has simply been ‘outside the box’.