Supported for success

Amy McMurtrie, Creative Producer (Artlife), works alongside VU students through the University’s placement partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC).

Amy, and VU student Dominic.

"VU students of Social Work and Community Development come to FCAC and work with us on our ArtLife and Arts Learning initiatives, assisting with the facilitation of community engagement in visual art, performance, music, sound, digital media and music. VU students also often come to us as volunteers to assist on defined projects within the organisation.

The students we’ve had on placement have been incredibly self-directed which is important at a busy organisation such as FCAC. They have also always been ready to take our feedback and direction and implement that into their practice, which is a vital quality for employees.

Something that really sets VU students apart is the amount of support and resources the University provides them to succeed on placement and beyond. VU staff are incredibly involved and dedicated to ensuring students are achieving their goals and are prepared as well as possible for the work environment."

Industry snapshot

Global reports rank Melbourne as the top cultural destination in Australia, third in the Asia Pacific and twelfth in the world. Arts tourism is valued at A$1 billion in Victoria each year.

With an array of contemporary cultural venues, an annual calendar of community arts events and festivals and a thriving independent arts industry, the range of employment opportunities for graduates of arts and community development fields are varied and exciting.

What you can study

Hear from our Arts graduates

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