Stand-out marketing graduates

Employer: Melina Augoustakis – Strategic Planning Director, MultiChannel Network (MCN)

Melina Augoustakis believes that VU marketing and public relations graduates have a 360-degree education which sets them up to be successful employees.

"I engaged with VU in 2013 in order to make a contribution to the industry by arming students with ‘real world’ knowledge to bridge the gap between tertiary studies and the workforce.

Since then, we have offered employment to many VU students, who have joined MCN and are starting their careers in advertising and media. We have also successfully facilitated employment of VU students in to other businesses in media, including media agencies.

MCN is hugely supportive of personal and professional development, very much in line with VU’s philosophy. I always look to VU’s PR and marketing students as a first port of call, as they stand out from the crowd. 

While we usually receive a huge number of applicants for positions at MCN, those that come from VU are high calibre students who are dedicated. In my experience, they have an education with a difference – an education that has prepared them 360-degrees, academically, personally and professionally. They have a willingness to roll their sleeves up and start a real career."

Industry snapshot

A career in marketing communications provides a diverse range of professional opportunities where skills are used to assist and promote brands, whether corporate, not-for-profit, government or community-based.

As new technologies and platforms are developed, this dynamic sector continues to evolve and offer exciting challenges. Marketing communication skills are in high demand globally across a vast array of organisations from social enterprises and not-for-profits to multinationals, governments, community organisations, creative agencies and small-to-medium enterprises.

What you can do