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So you want to work in the sport industry?

Combining formal study with practical experience is the best way to start says Rob Sherman, General Manager of Technical and Coaching at Melbourne Victory FC. Each year VU students gain priceless practical experience with the club, preparing them for exciting careers in sport and exercise science.

“VU students come to Melbourne Victory to gain experience working across a number of areas such as performance science in strength and conditioning, analysis, and team management. We also support opportunities for research with our elite athletes which helps improve the application of training and development.

Work placements are an ideal way for students to gain ‘real life’ industry training. They are challenged to operate within the limitations and realities of the sporting environment and gain invaluable practical experience – a key factor in securing a future role.

The workplace experience VU students are offered is a major factor in their ability to successfully transition into the industry as graduate employees. They already have the skill set to assimilate quickly and adapt to team structures.

The best advice I would give to any student is to take every opportunity you find to gain practical experience.”

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Hear from our graduates

  • Wes Clarke achieved his dream of becoming a sport scientist with Melbourne Victory.
  • Katherin Sloan took the opportunity to study at Real Madrid Graduate School Universidad Europea, Spain.
  • Eoin McVeigh is forging a career in London as a rugby performance analyst.
  • Brooke Muscat’s combined sport and psychology degree landed her a role with Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.