Marketing success

Allan Briggs, crisis communications specialist, believes that practical experience such as that provided by VU’s courses is key to career success.

"I have been employing and providing internships to VU students from communication courses since 2008.

VU graduates are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and education levels and hence possess a wide range of skills and prior education. This variety gives a wide scope in student skills, ability and potential. They bring a broad range of knowledge to their work.

My advice to students interested in a career in communications is to get out and learn immediately through internship or volunteering. Theory is only valuable when backed up with experience."

Employer: Allan Briggs, Managing Director of Briggs Communications

Industry snapshot

A career in marketing communications provides a diverse range of professional opportunities where skills are used to assist and promote brands, whether corporate, not-for-profit, government or community-based.

As new technologies and platforms are developed, this dynamic sector continues to evolve and offer exciting challenges. Marketing communication skills are in high demand globally across a vast array of organisations from social enterprises and not-for-profits to multinationals, governments, community organisations, creative agencies and small-to-medium enterprises.

What you can do

Bachelor of Business (Marketing major)

Master of Marketing