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Malthouse Theatre: A proud association

Employer: Vanessa O'Neill, Youth and Education Manager, Malthouse Theatre

Malthouse Theatre provides exciting opportunities for VU students and Vanessa O’Neill has found the current crop to be enthusiastic, creative and passionate.

"The Malthouse Provocateurs are a group of 18–26 year olds who are passionate about theatre. They spend a year with us, seeing our productions, being part of ‘In Conversation’ sessions with our creative artists, and exchanging responses to productions amongst fellow Provocateurs and Malthouse audience members.

The VU students involved in the program are all highly enthusiastic, creative and passionate.

Gaining industry experience is incredibly important for graduates and I applaud VU for having this as their focus.

Malthouse has had a proud association with Victoria University for many years and VU is a major sponsor of Malthouse Theatre’s Prompt Youth and Education program. We provide internships to VU students and graduates from a range of disciplines including Media, Creative Arts, Education and Bachelor of Arts courses.

For students thinking of applying to work at Malthouse, I would encourage them to become familiar with our work, follow their passion for the theatre industry and have a willingness to work hard within this wonderful creative organisation."

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Australia, and Melbourne in particular, is renowned for its creative arts and unique cultural style. There are nearly 5,000 people employed in Melbourne alone in the creative arts industries while nationally the industry turns over A$42,400 million per year.

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Chloe Watson
Chloe Watson's studies have taken her into a variety of workplaces, including Malthouse Theatre, before even graduating.
Vanessa O'Neill