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Employer: Colin Schot, Principal, Warringa Park School

Principal Colin Schot holds VU’s education programs in high regard because they prepare graduates with a good grounding in teaching and learning to find success as educators.

"We have successfully employed VU graduates since 2010 and will continue to do so. I’ve found VU graduates to be enthusiastic, committed and well-prepared to enter teaching positions at Warringa Park School.

We look for two key work competencies in a graduate – flexibility and the ability to connect with students and staff. I value graduates who are able to learn, take on responsibility and show initiative, and VU graduates never fail to demonstrate this. 

VU provides practicum opportunities through their education programs for pre-service teachers to display these key competencies. These placements are vital as the school is able to gain an intimate knowledge of the skills and the competencies of the student in light of possible future employment opportunities. 

VU graduates have always been able to successfully adapt to the learning and culture of the school which is important."

Industry snapshot

Teacher shortages remain a major obstacle for countries to achieve the goal of universal primary education - according to UNESCO Institute for Statistics there is a global teacher shortage. Nationally, the number of job openings for Primary School Teachers to 2019 is expected to be high (greater than 50,000). (Taken from JobOutlook, Oct 2015)

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Graduate success story


Benjamin Foster credits VU's inclusive atmosphere, industry connections and practical learning opportunities for taking him to his dream job.

Colin Schot