Kick-starting careers

Employer: Cameron McLeod – Physical Activity Manager, VicHealth*

 Alumnus Cameron McLeod says VU graduates hit the ground running.

"Victoria University graduates are recognised throughout the sport and active recreation industry as high achievers. VicHealth has hired VU graduates since 2011, predominantly in large-scale project management type roles.

My experience with VU students – whether they’re on placement or entering the workforce – is that they’re able to quickly adapt to a professional environment and excel in a fast-paced, results-driven industry. They are diligent and pragmatic.

VU students receive a well-rounded education which combines theory and practice. One of the best things about my VU course were the field placements in different parts of the industry. I got a feel for what I really enjoyed and targeted specific jobs after I graduated. 

Students from VU know what they want and those that create strong networks generally find themselves having long and successful careers."

*Cameron has since been appointed General Manager, Community Engagement at North Melbourne Football Club.

Industry snapshot

Overweight and obesity rates in Australia are rising along with the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes (Australian Government). As a leading sport university, VU is focused on teaching and research that helps to build stronger, healthier communities through physical activity and sport participation.

Career Professional Development 

Through VU’s Career Professional Development program, sport and exercise science students gain substantial work experience and industry networking opportunities, often leading to employment outcomes. Examples of host organisations include the Western Bulldogs, Tennis Australia and Melbourne Victory.

Courses studied

More sport or community development courses at Victoria University.

Graduate success story

Liam Coventry Poole

Liam Coventry-Poole's work placement landed him a job at the Australian Cricketers' Association.

Cameron McLeod