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From theory to practice in communication

Robert Solomon, California-based founder of Solomon Strategic, is one of the world's leading marketing communication professionals. As the author of The Art of Client Service – considered the must-read tool by industry professionals – Solomon knows what kind of knowledge is required for a successful career in marketing.

"No matter how thoughtful the curriculum or gifted the teacher, there often is a large gap between the theory of the classroom and the practice of the workplace. Not so in Victoria University’s Marketing and Communication programs.

Victoria University students derive tremendous benefit from a curriculum designed to ensure the distance between theory and practice is all but eliminated. The courses are rich in hands-on, real-world experience, better equipping graduates for that first day on the job in marketing."

Industry snapshot

A career in marketing communications provides a diverse range of professional opportunities where skills are used to assist and promote brands, whether corporate, not-for-profit, government or community-based.

As new technologies and platforms are developed, this dynamic sector continues to evolve and offer exciting challenges. Marketing communication skills are in high demand globally across a vast array of organisations from social enterprises and not-for-profits to multinationals, governments, community organisations, creative agencies and small-to-medium enterprises.

What you can do

Bachelor of Business (Marketing major)

Graduate success story

Kayla McLeod leveraged the University’s industry connections to forge an exciting career in TV advertising.